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"The Bush" swings gracefully between electronics, post rock and chamber music from the far north, with a strong and characteristic cinematic mood.

Definitely we have a unique product and project in our hands.“


"Gesamtkunstwerk, the total work, seems to be the only word that can describe the deployment of forces and the involvement of artists taken from any field to achieve a total immersion in a dreamland."



OST for "ADESSO VINCO IO", a docufilm about coach Marcello Lippi, by Rai Cinema

OST for "AMEN" a film by Andrea Baroni.

OST for "TI SENTO", TV Show with Pierluigi Diaco, on Rai 2 and Radio Rai 2.

OST for "LA SECONDA CHANCE" a film produced by Rai Cinema and Rodeo Drive.

MUSIC CO-WRITING with EROS RAMAZZOTTI for the Intro World Tour 2022/2023


MUSIC PRODUCTION for CHOPARD's show at Cannes Film Festival 2022.

OST for MAISON VALENTINO for "Valentino Rosso" film.



OST FOR AMBUSH campaign.

OST for L'OREAL PARIS campaign.

Music production for BVLGARI show feat. Nicole Scherzinger, artistic direction by Luca Tommassini.

OST for MOSCHINO by Jeremy Scott.

OST for FREDDY WEAR, by Luca Tommassini.
OST for TWINSET, directed by Giampaolo Sgura.

OST for GUCCI, special event in Milano, artistic direction by Laccio.

OST for FRANCESCO SCOGNAMIGLIO Couture at La Galleria Nazionale, Roma.

OST for "THE SOUL IS FULL OF SHOOTING STARS", directed by Silvia Morani produced by Antonio Marras.

OST for FRANCESCO SCOGNAMIGLIO Haute Couture in Paris.
OST for FENDI, Fendi Watches Timepieces.

OST for COLAVITA ITALIA produced by Scomunica.

ORIGINAL SONG for "DIVORZIO A LAS VEGAS", directed by Umberto Carteni, a film produced by Rai Cinema and Rodeo Drive.

OST for "GIORGIO", directed by Arianna Mattioli.

OST for FINCANTIERI, live event produced by Superhumans.

MUSIC PRODUCTION for Senhit for the Eurovision Song Contest.

OST for TRENITALIA, produced by Cattleya.
OST for JUVENTUS FC, directed by Coldfocus.
OST for "MONOLITH", directed by Ivan Silvestrini, a film by Sky Cinema.
OST for MC DONALDS, directed by Valerio Rufo.

OST for "VIA LATTEA", directed by Valerio Rufo.
OST for "THE VIEW FROM UP HERE", directed by Marco Calvani, starring Oscar winner Melissa Leo, and Leila Bekhti.
OST for PERSOL, directed by Brando De Sica, starring Wim Wenders, awarded at the Venice Film Festival.

DIEGO BUONGIORNO | My Heart is a Forest [Backstage #1]
Written, arranged and produced by Diego Buongiorno, “The Bush” is a concept album that brings together music and narration, for a journey that encompasses Art and contemporary sounds. “My Heart is a Forest” is the live version of “The Bush”, presented in advance at the Palladium theatre in Rome. On stage, together with the author, the voice of Thony, the B.I.M Orchestra, ADDI 800, and Arnar Guðjónsson. All will be played, together with other special guests such as Eivør, Sabina Sciubba and Lisokot, with the musical chapters of the fable. The theatre and the scenic space will be prepared by two contemporary artists: Davide Dormino and Zaelia Bishop. Sixteen international directors will contribute to the screenings with the visuals made up for this project. A work directed and coordinated by the author to represent the emotion and aesthetic of his vision, to reconstruct the romantic experience of something seen and told to others, as though recounting a dream, set in an imaginary place of unnerving beauty. An immersive idea, an original fable that transports the inner theatre to the dreamlike world of fantasy that is born of the eyes; the intangible proof that Innocence, Courage and Imagination are able to defeat the fears in every one of us. An indefinable non-place appears like a state of half sleep, begins to perceive sounds, lights from beneath the eyelids, an intermediate space where one awaits only what is imagined. Directors | Thomas Toti and Barbara Gasperini Camera Operators | Thomas Toti, Andrea Bancone, Karole Di Tommaso, Matteo Boss Ferrera


I'm a composer, musician, and producer based between Rome and Reykjavik. My blood is Italian, but Iceland is my second home.
I compose original music for films, commercials, and major events of the most important production companies and agencies, including HMNSSaatchi & SaatchiThe  Family, Mercurio Cinematografica, Frame by FrameMagnoliaMcCann EricksonFilmmaster, WilderFoxEndemolFerrero PubbliregiaLeo BurnettSky ItaliaMediaset and Rai, and with the latter signing many differents album for their catalog.

I've written, arranged and produced music for bands and artists like The IrrepressiblesSabina Sciubba (Brazilian Girls), Hogni Egilsson (Hjaltalin), GusGus), Author&PunisherClare and the ReasonsTanya TagaqAmiinaCraig Walker (Archive), Little Red LungJo HamiltonEivorDorian Wood. I've collaborated also with many others in the stagings of my live concerts, including Italian singer Thony, violinist Galya Bisengalieva from LCO London Contemporary Orchestra, the Russian performer LisokotBIM Orchestra, fine-art photographers as Kirsty MitchellAela LabbèHelen WarnerNicol VizioliJacqueline RobertsAlex StoddardBrooke ShadenOleg Dou, and visual artists as Zaelia BishopDavide Dormino and Nina Viviana Cangialosi.

A thick list of collaborations, which touch more than 18 countries around the world, from London to Dublin, from Greenland to Paris, Knoxville, Berlin, Moscow, SanDiego, and the Faroe Islands.

My first work called "The Bush" is a fairy concept album with 25 original songs and more than 60 international guests, a book and a contemporary fable that I wrote, arranged and produced as independent artist, getting reviews with honors from Italian and international magazines.

"A debut that like the catalog of a record label of dreams, hosts internationally renowned musicians and boasts as icing on the cake collaboration with Mandy Parnell, mastering engineer of Bjork, Feist, Sigur Ros, Max Richter, The XX, and Addi 800, mixing engineer of Blur, Sigur Ros, Bjork, Olafur Arnalds. "The Bush" is the song of a multifaceted creature with multiple heads, moving confidently in familiar territories to those who love the music of Jónsi & Alex in "Ava's Cheesefield", but also of Antony and the Johnsons, toned in sauce rock in "All The Days". It evokes Björk, as initial "The Dawn", and the entire "The Bush" swings gracefully between electronics, post rock and chamber music from the far north, with a strong and characteristic cinematic mood. Definitely we have a unique product and project in our hands.“

(Rolling Stone Italia)

"A notion of non-fiction elates around Diego Buongiorno, this project, “The Bush” is a controlling arrangement of a magnitude of instruments. A project that commands a full attention, written within notes a movie worthy of a Hollywood accolade. Each moment of the twenty five tracks, yes, twenty five have your every emotion, your every sin, enveloped in wanting, a wanting of more."

(Independent Music News, UK)

Intermediate form of the project "The Bush" was "My Heartis a Forest," the results entered in the 2013 season of the prestigious Romaeuropa Festival, produced by myself in collaboration with DNA Concerti; a result that led 18 of the 60 musicians and artists involved in the album to perform in a fascinating exhibition at the Teatro Palladium in Rome recorded a sold out.

"A performance that creates a dreamlike and intense universe on stage, built from a multimedia crossbreeding of orchestral, vocal, electronic, performative, exhibition and video-artistic interpretations. The music introduce Icelander suggestions with a Sigur Rós shape, electronic touches Lippok-style, and some drones that follow Tim Hecker’s new experimentations in a whole penetrating atmosphere."

(Drome Magazine)


The third and final chapter of the saga was "When We DreamWe Are All Creators", an art-exhibition/concert accompanied by the release of two albums: an EP of 8 new songs, and a live album of the event. A multi sense performance in which it is presented the whole imagery of my earlier work, with all the visual productions of this original contemporary fable.


A mysterious and immersive acoustic live, which portrays my music and collaborations with Italian actress Carolina CrescentiniGiulia BevilacquaClaudia Pandolfi and Tea Falco.

A container of all the visuals shot by directors like Ivan FriedmanHenry Jun Wah LeeFabrizio CestariEdmondo AngelelliMatteo LinguitiVeronica MengoliBrando De SicaAndrea SissonThor Saevarsson & Harpa Einarsdottir.

"Gesamtkunstwerk, the total work, seems to be the only word that can describe the deployment of forces and the involvement of artists taken from any field to achieve a total immersion in a dreamland."

(Inside Art)


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